Grow Your Own: Cheesemaking, fresh cheese with herbs

06/29/2024 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM ET


Please join us at the Atkins Field Pavilion on June 29. Join Silene DeCiucies, dairy enthusiast and one of our farm business planners at CAE in making a fresh lactic cheese with materials that you might have lying around at home, raw milk, natural cultures, and a little bit of farm-made rennet. Think chevre, but with cow milk; this cheese can be eaten fresh, rolled in herbs, or aged for a few weeks depending on your preference. Bring your home cheesemaking questions and conversation; Silene has been making cheese at home scale for 8 years and loves to talk cheese and dairy! 

Please pre-register by June 26 as space is limited. As always with Grow Your Own workshops, there will be time for sharing your own ideas, successes, and challenges, and questions and just in general camaraderie among those of us who love to cook and garden and preserve! Grow Your Own is a project of the Hardwick Area Food Pantry and the Center for an Agricultural Economy. The mission of Grow Your Own is to increase community food independence and wellbeing through shared skills, knowledge and experience. Workshops are always free. Donations are gratefully accepted online when you register. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Bethany at: 


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